Boxing Training Myths

There are so multiple “I-know-everything” folks out there, saying different things, do’s and don’ts about boxing, boxing training and everything in between. The funny thing is, beginners tend to believe these Einsteins that they end up confused with what’s true and what’s not.

You see, it’s fine to hear and take some nods from these folks but once you walk away, forget everything they mention and take advice from real experts. (This is the circumstance why you should employ a trainer if you are truly serious about the sport.)

Dummies may simply be fooled but it is not a crime to be gullible, not using the normal sense that was given to you is. So permit us take a couple of time and enumerate boxing training myths and bury it once and for all:

Myth #1: Running long slow distances is good for the boxer.

Sure, it is not going to damage but this does not make you the most efficient boxer. You see, boxing and running does not match. Just compare the physique of a boxer and the physique of a marathon runner and you’ll see a brilliant different. I have nothing contrary long distance runners but they train for long, thin muscles that a boxer does not need. Sure, boxers require the stamina of a runner but he can get that in other ways.

Myth #2: earning muscles slows you down

Now, this is the specific opposite of #1. permit us look at this example: 2 boxers, A and B. They have the same weight, same height, same speed, same aptitudes and same everything. The only difference is, A is stronger than B. Who do you consider is going to win? If you are going to believe the myth, you’ll choose Boxer B, but if you are going to use your normal sense, you can simply say that it is Boxer A easily because stronger muscles deliver stronger punches.

If you are training to become a boxer, you require as much muscle strength as you can. This will never become a trouble when you step into the ring. Just look at Mike Tyson, one of the most fabulous boxers in the history of the sport. You see him all packed up when he steps into the ring. mention me, does his muscles became a hindrance in his winning?

Myth #3: You can get a six-pack abs by doing one thousand crunches everyday

I know you have heard this before. Do you believe this? Let’s look at it at the simplest ways so as to everyone can comprehend. Every component of the body this includes that field has muscles, right? And at this time, it can be covered by fat that is the reason why you can’t see the definition.

If you are going to do one thousand crunches everyday for the following 2 or so years, you are increasing your abs. But if it is covered by fat, how can you see it? lower your fat intake, do crunches, not necessarily 1000/day, and you’ll be able to see a couple of cuts.

Myth #4: Excess fat still produces me fit

The last time I checked, fit and fat don’t belong in the same sentence. additional fat does not make you any fitter. Muscles do. Muscles make you stronger and quicker. Fats just hang in there, like an additional padding that does not do whatever at all.

So if you are believing this claim just to make yourself feel better, forget it.