Jump Rope Like You Mean It!

The only thing that annoys me more than lazy skipping in the gym is a guy who doesn’t hit the heavybag, and trust me these guys are out there. They show up, do an extended warm up, hit the double end bag and then mess around waiting to get padwork from their beloved coach. Anyways, if you are anything like the way I started out then you’re probably skipping rope like you’re strolling through the housewares section at Sears… casually. This is really not acceptable, you are wasting your potential by the day. The difference in skipping ability between a real boxer and a posing trickster is…

… SPEED! Turn that rope brotha!

What is your skip rope routine? One thing about skipping rope is that it is much harder to increase your heart rate and level of work intensity than through running. So you have to give more of yourself to get the same benefit. If you had to choose between one or the other you’d be better off running, hands down (this includes sprints and intervals). In the real world you should be doing both, and when you skip you want to hear the air around you whistle like you’re playing a tune for entire gym.

Here are some skipping routines that I typically use when I come in the gym.

1) 4 rounds of 3 minutes at interval pace. Meaning, by the last 20 seconds of the round you are begging for a break. think of it as an 800 metre run on the rope.

2) 10 sets of 50 double jumps (one round warm up skip)

3) 10 Tabata sets of 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off. Use running on the spot skipping (this is the fastest skip step next to double jumps). Meaning that going hard for 20 seconds and easy for 10 seconds equals one set.

4) 20 sets of 15 seconds high intensity followed by 15 seconds light intensity, this is a less intense version of Tabata’s

5) 30 minute endurance skip. Every now and then it’s OK to go light, like just before or after a fight, or when you are coming back after a lay off. Just don’t make it a habit.

Overall, skipping doesn’t cause much wear and tear on the body, you will adjust to the demands easily and quickly. So do yourself, your boxing, and everyone you train with a favour by rasing the bar and skipping like you mean it!