Mike Tyson: The Price Of Fame

They say that fame comes with a price. Behind the spotlight, there is an unfamiliar world full of luxury cars, beautiful women who are willing to give themselves to you, non-stop partying, and an endless flow of booze. Of course, this world is restricted to only a privileged few, so mere mortals have no place there. However, living in a world of glitter and glamour comes at a high price and Mike Tyson is living proof of it.

Perhaps there has never been anyone so famously feared in the ring as Tyson. This powerhouse was truly a God of fighting – his superb feats of strength and undisputed victories made him unbeatable. True to form, this phenom boasted a string of victories under his belt and no one other than the great Ali himself has managed to make such a great impact in the world of boxing.

Tyson’s childhood wasn’t an easy one. His father abandoned their little family and his sister passed away due to a heart attack. He was orphaned at sixteen and since then, the young boxer knew that he only had to rely on himself and his two fists to survive the harsh world. Even at a young age, Tyson proved to be a hothead, living in the mean streets of New York.

Throughout his career, he was indeed a modern day gladiator – celebrated and feared. He would make his debut in 1985. His first victory would prove crucial as he defeated his opponent via knockout and his future matches would end in a KO or TKO as well. He would become the youngest world heavyweight champion in history by defeating Trevor Berbick in a title match.

For three years, Tyson would hold the title of the undisputed world heavyweight champion. During his undefeated title reign, he would strike fear into the hearts of his opponents and would rake in millions of dollars for every victory he won. The kid, who grew up in the School of Hard Knocks, was rolling in the Benjamins and he loved every second of it.

Tyson was also quite the controversial figure, as well. Like all superstars, his private life was left vulnerable to the public and the media. His first marriage lasted only a year and one of his daughters was killed in a freak accident, which caused a stir of emotions in the normally stone-cold gladiator’s heart. But, perhaps one of the most talked about controversies in his life would be his addiction to drugs.

To date, Tyson’s life has become a shadow of its former glory. Though living without money, he says he has friends who do. Picking up the pieces, this tough guy refuses to go down without a fight. Despite being branded as everyone’s favorite punch line and losing everything he had, the gladiator holds his head ever high – undefeated and unafraid.

Fame is fleeting, and comes like the cold wind in December, only to leave a chill in your bones once it is gone. Many celebrities have crashed and burned, leaving the limelight forever, never to be heard from again. Others have risen from the ashes and have emerged as entirely different people. Some have become a shadow of their former selves and don’t recognize themselves in the mirror. Still there are those who emerge as true fighters in the end.