Single Boxing Glove Display Case Stand with Gold Risers & Mirror, Sideway

Price: 49.95
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Item shown above: Clear Acrylic Cover, with Black stand (Boxing Glove NOT INCLUDED). Product Description Beautiful acrylic display case stand for a boxing glove side or anything collectibles that fits. UV Protection clear Acrylic Display StandTo hold a Single boxing glove.13.5 W X 7.5 X 7.5″ interior display space. We strive on providing the finest craftsmanship on all of our products and customer service is our highest priority. Our quality is Satisfaction Guaranteed. In manufacturing, each piece of natural hardwood is hand selected to provide the best raw material for our display cases. While our cases involve an extensive amount of handwork, our craftsmen have used only the finest woodworking techniques. Our collectible display cases’ gives you all the principles of “Value”: Great Price, Quality, Durability, and Functionality…which you will love today and tomorrow.

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