Will First World Nations Which Guarantee Their Citizens Health Care Outlaw Boxing?

When I was younger I played soccer for seven years, I was quite agile, and since I was a very good runner I was a key member of the team playing center halfback, and occasionally as a forward striker. Obviously, in soccer one of the skills of the players is “heading” the ball. Of course, as scientists learn more they realize that this can cause slight brain trauma, scarring tissue, and slight cognitive decline even in teenagers whose bodies are growing, and whose immune systems are very strong. Okay so let’s talk about all of this if we might – sports and protecting the human brain that is.

It seems that we have enough evidence and research to prove that sports like boxing, kickboxing, and football are unwise sports for humans to play, although the head gear is far superior than it once was. Those that have their brains damaged inside over time might experience early cognitive decline or dementia, Alzheimer’s, and even Parkinson’s. That’s not very funny, and it puts a severe load on our health care system, and it raises everyone else’s insurance. Further, if people have insurance for long-term care, and they are in a facility for a decade or more as their brain deteriorates these costs are passed on to everyone else’s healthcare insurance bills. That’s not funny either.

Nor do I believe it will be considered acceptable in those first world nations which have universal healthcare laws. For things like soccer, in the future they may not allow the heading of the ball, that sport could be modified, and still played. Will that be the future? Will it be the future for youth sports because parents are concerned? Are these sports fans so numerous and so strong-willed as fans that they will not let the bureaucracy or government change their favorite sports, or ban them? That too is a possibility.

After all, Ancient Rome had sports to keep the people entertained, and therefore an outlet for their mass mob mentality and emotional behavior, diverting their attention away from the powers that be. Will the political leadership ban sports, or demand that the rules are changed to protect the costs incurred by the healthcare system, one that they created under a socialist motif, again to keep the masses happy? Many believe that boxing should be banned, but competition and fighting is part of the human species. So even if it is banned there will be things like fight clubs, and offshore nations which sponsor these things.

There may be new rules to protect against head injuries, a new underground industry, and barriers to entry similar to how we operate the gaming and gambling industry of the world. I believe this topic is of interest and these to be decent questions, so therefore I dare to ask it. I am not for socialism or universal healthcare, or anything of the sort.

It is unfortunate that younger people in their youth might damage their brains in certain types of sports so badly that it will affect them and us in later years. That’s all I’m saying. Personally, I seem to have made it through fine, but I was not a boxer, I just played a little soccer. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.