Boxing Deaths

Boxing deaths are very common. Often people do not like the fighters, they do not respect them or they watch the boxing matches with a casual interest. Such things can cause some serious injuries to the fighters. They may sustain brain damage or even die. Hence it is extremely important that anyone who watches boxing whether it be live on TV, on pay per view, or even on a boxer’s database website, knows about the risks involved.

boxing deaths

There are very few boxing deaths that have been reported in the media where a fighter has died as a result of a boxing accident. However such deaths could occur any time and there is always the risk factor involved. An example would be if a big boxing venue was hosting a big event and several hundred people showed up without prior warning. The venue would have to have proper security which would be armed.

In any fight, one person outnumbers the others two to one. It doesn’t take many such instances where someone would be out numbered to cause a fatal accident. If a heavy bag was used properly the chances of it hitting somebody in the head would be minimal. Many experts believe that punching bags should only be used for a maximum of ten minutes before they have to be discarded. However this is a matter of personal opinion.

The promoters of boxing often make use of people who are unfit to fight. Boxers have been known to take part in matches which have hundreds of people. This is very dangerous as punches thrown at a fast speed can cause severe damage. Many of these injuries have led to deaths and many more injuries which have caused a wide array of medical problems.

If a boxer is knocked out cold, they can sustain brain damage which can result in permanent memory loss. This can also happen to professional boxers. There is so much pressure on a boxing match that many times the fighters do not get enough rest. They are thrown into a never-ending ring of competition. They do not have the time to rest and recover.

Unfortunately there are a number of deaths that could have been prevented by proper preparations. The promoters of boxing have to make sure that there are proper precautions taken in the boxing arena. The fighters should always wear protective head gear and the rings should be properly lit. These things could have prevented many boxing deaths. If you are going to watch a boxing match then make sure you stay fully protected.