Improve Your Boxing Reflexes With a Reflex Ball

If you want to improve your boxing strength and coordination, a boxing reflex ball is a great way to start. If you’ve never seen a reflex ball before, it’s a two-piece ball with holes in it that you can throw, catch, and slam into each other. A good exercise for improving your hand-eye coordination involves using the ball to punch at a board that’s placed a few feet away from you. Then, move as quickly as you can to the board and attempt to hit the ball.

First, stand in front of the reflex ball. You need to have at least one hand on the ball, if you’re going to use it to strike it. Position it so that you’re not actually holding it – you just need to use it to steady yourself. Then, line up the ball in the direction you want. If you need a spotter, have them stand beside you. That way, if you drop the ball while punching, they’ll get it.

Line up your fists so that they form a nice, even angle. Then, you need to make sure that you focus on getting them in the middle of your chest so that they do the most damage. When you’re boxing, you want your punches to connect with the balls. This means that you don’t want to let your elbows dip out of range of your main arm, either. The elbows should be bent at an angle so that they follow through on the same plane as your fist.

Once you’ve gotten used to using your reflex ball, you’ll probably be surprised at how easy it is to use it. As you’re standing still, simply move your entire body until the reflex ball is in the center of your chest. As you punch, make sure that your arm goes straight back in sync with your fist. Then, as you move forward, your arm will follow. And when you’re done punching, your arm will automatically go back to the side and come in line with your fist.

Using your reflex ball isn’t the only way that you can improve your boxing strength. You also need to make sure that you do exercises that strengthen all your muscles, including your legs. Stand toe to toe with a medicine ball, or try swimming. Any exercises that require a lot of moving around in a confined space like these two will work the legs and get them used to being part of your movements. If you have trouble with stamina, then you might want to invest in a pair of running shoes.

While you’re improving your boxing strength, you may also want to work on your speed. Many people will tell you that footwork is crucial to improving speed, and that it’s impossible to develop speed without footwork. It’s true that footwork is absolutely necessary for boxing, but you can also improve your speed without it. Simply use your reflex ball to work on your overall speed and you’ll see an improvement.