Will There Be a Boxing Match Tonight?

Can you imagine a boxing match tonight? I can tell you one thing for sure. You and I both know that we will not see a social media match between any two fighters who are trying to beat each other. This is because there would be no point.

boxing match tonight

Social media is all about promotion of self, but the sports promoters never promote their matches. Why? Because it is not an investment for them. They know that if they get people to watch the fights live on television that they still need to promote the fights to make money off of them. Therefore, they choose to do social media only in the form of a pay per click campaign.

Boxing is the only sport where this is possible. The other sports, especially MMA, have no way to promote themselves live. If they did, then there would be no sponsors willing to back them up. You see my point? So there will be no boxing match tonight because if there was, then all the big names in the game might fight each other and that would mean money for the fans right? because it is a great way to get publicity and social media marketing and all the cool celebrity names are fighting each other on social media and in the boxing world!