YBA – Your Way to the Ring

The boxing YBA or Youth Basketball Association is a training club for kids who have ambitions to become professional boxers in the future. It has been established in 2021 and is affiliated to the Association of Boxing coaches. The main aim of this association is to prepare young aspiring athletes to face the challenges of the professional boxing world. It has been reported that about fourteen to twenty-nine youths apply to the training camp on a weekly basis and many more turn up for recreational purposes. All applications for the boxing YBA are done on the basis of the need of the region or country and the boxer’s status. After all, there is no one training today like there was a few years back when there were lots of kids entering the boxing YBA.

There are various aspects of boxing that the boxing YBA takes into consideration while preparing the trainees for the boxing world. The first and foremost step in the training process is through drilling exercises in which the trainer tries to get the best level of agility and speed in the young students. This will help them to develop their boxing skills by improving their speed and agility. The second step is through improving the boxing strength, stamina and by this the YBA aims to make the boxer capable of handling even the toughest of boxing moves. The last but not the least step in boxing techniques that is provided by the YBA is the cardio training exercises which improve a boxer’s endurance levels.

A boxer will definitely need intense strength training because a boxing match is a tough contest where the boxer will face his opponents round after round and will not be able to fight the whole crowd’s pressure. One has to keep his body fit and ready to face his opponent and win the game. So, all those looking forward to joining the boxing YBA should take all these factors into consideration before enrolling themselves in the game. One can also look for more videos and training books from the official website so that they can gain more knowledge on boxing moves like combinations, counter moves and positions.